I am an Industrial Designer and Master in Integrated Design. I live in Colombia where I have been working for more than 10 years. I have had the opportunity to work in Bogota in several companies and with clients from different countries. In 2018 I finished my master in Integrated Design in Germany where I had the chance to meet great people and excellent professionals among teachers and students. My professional experience is focused on interior exhibition design and product design.

Daniel Pinzón. Colombia / 2021.

1.Design of

Interior design, Commercial spaces, Stand design, Museography, Interactive, playful and pedagogical spaces, Corporate spaces.

2.Product design
Product Design

Home and office furniture,
Advice on product design, special developments for companies and clients.

3.3d Rendering and Animation

3d Design and modelling, 3d Visualisation, Interactive Presentations, 2d and 3d Animation, Layout and graphic design. UI/UX for Apps, Web design.